About Us

Azizi Construction Enterprises PVT.LTD

Azizi Enterprises believes that the specialization is the only way to successfully
deliver the right quality, at the right cost and within the right time period therefore
Azizi Enterprises has joined forces with International specialized companies, who
are experts in different field of the built environment.
Our client value and completing projects on time and within budget. In fact, we are
one of the oldest national firms in the industry. Our services extend across the full
range of EPC services, covering design, building and project management. Projects
include hospitals, schools, Multiplexes, libraries, hotels, industrial, commercial and
residential buildings, and towers

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Mission Statement

Follows a professional approach to the achievement of the set goals and quality
services to insure the security safety and cleanliness of project. We constantly strive to
maximize the benefit of our services by identifying and focusing on the client’s real
need and expectations.
• Helping businesses achieve their goals through our effective services solutions
thereby entrenching ourselves as a trusted business partner.
• Add value and achieve economies of scale through best practice.
• Create an environment where our people will flourish and reach their full potential.

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Mian Muhammad Asad Chief Executive Officer

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